Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flash Card Genius available on the iPhone App Store!

Jigango Software, in conjunction with your supreme overlord, has officially released its first application for the iPhone and iPod touch, now available on the iPhone App Store! Thank you to the legion of code monkeys who worked endlessly to finish this application. Mai Tais for everyone!

Soon, the world's children will become math geniuses and together we will take over the world! Muwahahahaha!

More info about Flash Card Genius can be found in our secret lair.

Flash Card Genius:

Your Overlord commands you to buy! You do not need to actually use it, but every purchase brings us one step closer to a better society. Show your allegiance with a small $1.99 purchase. Please tell your family and friends about Flash Card Genius.

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More to follow... our code monkeys are nowhere to be found. I really should have waited on those Mai Tais...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Thus it Begins!

The island of Jigango has been acquired as our new secret underground lair. I'm quite excited! Unlike the last lair, this one is not located next to an airport, so late nights in the lab won't be distracted. Sure, there is an active volcano, but its actually quite calming to be around... the low frequency rumbles are very Zen-like.

First order of business is to construct the labs and complex. My legion of minions are working around the clock. I've also begun looking for henchmen and henchwomen, though due to the distant locale finding locals is out of the question. I've placed an ad on CraigsList, we'll see if we get any qualified henches. Until then, I've cloned a large number of code monkeys. They need a little more supervision for anything non-programming related, but they are working out nicely. There was an incident with the laser cutter, but I was able to reattach most of their fur and limbs.

Once the labs are done I can put them back to work coding. Our main vector for world domination will be mobile applications... mainly iPhone development. We'll keep an eye on Palm and Android, but thus far I am not impressed with their neural implant capabilities. Developing a legion of minions requires they have a certain level of fanaticism and allegiance, which the masses of iPhone users appear to have. Also, the thing is shiny! So pretty.

In initial estimates for minion recruit, I have determined that the general populous is lacking in their Math skills. It's one thing to attempt to rule the world, but I can't do it alone... I'll need to delegate some of the ownership. I need my legion to be geniuses in their own right. Our first application will be focused on raising general Math skills of 1st and 2nd graders. Why children? Simple. Puppies.

Give an adult a puppy and they freak out, worried about potty training. Give a child a puppy and they are overjoyed. You earn their allegiance! Due to a freak accident early in my cloning attempts, I have a few thousand puppies frolicking around. I need to get rid of them. They also happen to be 20 feet tall and have lasers grafted to their heads. Adults don't seem to respond positively to that. No, they wouldn't would they?! They don't like anything out of the ordinary, do they?! They mock and tease... push into lockers in high school... laugh at you when you ask them to the prom! *ah hem* Where was I? Oh, yes...

So our first iPhone application should be coming out in the next couple weeks. I'm very hopeful it will help aid in future plans...